About Us:

Our goal is simple it's to offer a list of online lenders that offer fast and cheap loans to residents of the United States. To do this we approach the project from several directions. We contact lenders directly and do random tests and inquiries from mystery customers. We then review our findings and rate the lenders and list the best here based on the following:

  • Interest rates charged. This is obviously a huge factor as the price they charge customers is important.

  • Transparency of lenders. Is the information easy to find on the website or is it buried?

  • Customer service... can you contact the lender 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Do they offer live chat, email support, and toll free phone support?

  • How much do they lend out?

  • How difficult is it to get approved? Even if you have poor or bad credit?

  • How long is the application form?

  • How long has the company been around for?

  • Do they abide by local state laws?

  • Do they offer a fax free lending process?

Once all of the above has been compiled we then make our list of lenders. We regularly review lenders and swap them out as necessary..